Dan has been an auto body technician since 1988.  He worked for a well-established dealer in South Burlington for over 26 years. In that business, he was presented with every kind of scenario you can imagine. He has even put to halves of cars back together on a few occasions. Dan is unique in his industry in that he can do a job from start to finish.   He has rarely if ever, had a car brought back because it wasn’t done right the first time. He stands firmly behind his work. He has been called “an artist” on many occasions. People love his work and are always impressed.  Many have told him he should open his own Body Shop. 

Dan likes knowing what the customer wants from the beginning and making sure it’s done to the customer’s standards and on time. He likes to keep an open communication line with his customers, so they always know what is going on with their vehicle. Dan is also a straight shooter, he will tell you up front what you are looking at for a job. He won’t commit to something that he knows won’t be worth it in the end for you.  Now that he is running his own business, his greatest joy is the handshake at the beginning of the job and the smile at the end when it’s delivered. He can see that his work makes a difference for folks. 

Dan was born and raised in Williston VT. Recently moved to Waterville and loves the area. He loves to fish, ride his motorcycle and help folks that otherwise can’t help themselves. He’s easy going and hardworking. A man you can trust. He is now officially “living the dream” by having his own business.